A Hint of Blood in the Air - Riding the Beast
Beast Invocation (Revised)

Ritual Notes

A Revision of the Original Samael/Lilith Invocation

Though the revision process is still incomplete, much work has been done to clean up the original Hebrew translation. I am not a native Hebrew speaker, or a Hebrew scholar. The original translation was cobbled together from Strong's Concordance, thus it was simply a string of words put together without a logical structure joining them. Several months after the Rite, I made contact with a Brother in Isreal by the name of Tom Gal who painstakingly helped me correct my atrocious grammar. Unbelievably he stuck with me through the whole revision process, which because I am such a stickler for detail, took almost an entire year. Kudos to you Tom! The Rosetta Stone, as I call it, is below. It contains the actual Hebrew text, an English letter transliteration, and the English text. To view the Hebrew text, you will need the Sil_Ezra font. Tom was also kind enough to provide recordings of the pronunciation. I have also included these. To any real Hebrew scholars who have taken an interest in this, I would love to hear your opinion of this, and I would be happy to provide the detailed notes we took on each change made. Also, to any Sumerian scholars, the Sumerian invocation is still something of a mess, and I would love to recieve some assistance in cleaning it up.

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Rosetta Stone

Invocation 1

Invocation 2

Invocation 3

Invocation 4

Invocation 5

Invocation 6

Invocation 7

Invocation 8

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